bike Fit to your Existing bike = $50 and up.

You already have a great bike that you love and you know it simply needs a few minor fit adjustments, we are the shop that caters to your needs and your budget.  Only $50 for the first half hour of your bike fit appointment and its $1 per minute there after.  Most bike fit adjustments to an existing bike take about 45minutes to an 1 hour.  Most bike fits applied to an existing bike are under $100 !! (Parts not included).

Serotta Size-Cycle bike fits = $300

In order to determine the right bike model and size it takes time, patience, and skill to get it right the first time.  We dial in the perfect bike fit for you from head to toe, literally!  Using our customizable bike, interchangeable handlebars, pedals, seats, tweaking tube angles, tube lengths, and bike height - we find the ideal bike fit you need to then be applied to your eventual road, triathlon, cyclocross or mountain bike.  A thorough bike fit report is then sent to you within a few days which includes all of your bike fit measurements and a list of ideal bikes that will best fit your individual riding needs.  If you end up buying a new bike from Kinetix Cycling, we simply take the cost of the bike fit you've already paid for and remove it from the price of the bike you are buying from us!!