Complete Overhaul - $300 and up

We strip your bike down to the frame and rebuild it, installing new parts as necessary (brake pads, chains, derailleur pulleys, cassettes, chainrings, bearings, bar tape, tubes, tires, etc.). Everything receives the attention it deserves, but may not have received over its life (while you were busy riding it!). When done, your bike will feel as good as new.  Needed replacement parts are sold at additional cost. 

Pro Wash, Lube, True, & Adjust - $150

A tune up….  Every bike shop on the planet offers one, but few of them are as thorough and quick as Kinetix's Pro Wash & Tune. We start with a bike wash and drivetrain degreasing which allows to look for irregularities as we go though the washing process. Once your bike is dry, we meticulously inspect it for any worn or damaged parts. We then true your wheels, adjust your hubs and inspect your tires. Every bolt is torqued spec, bearings are checked and adjusted if necessary. We lube all your cables, your chain and any moving component with a pivot (brakes, derailleurs, etc.). Wheels are installed back on the bike so your brakes and shifting can be adjusted to perfection. It may not take us long to get your bike back to you, but our trained eyes and hands make sure that your bike is safer and more efficient than ever before.

Pro Wash, Lube, & Adjust - $100

We start with a bike wash and drivetrain degreasing. Every bolt is then torqued spec'ed, headset bearings are checked and adjusted if necessary. We lube your chain and do a quick run through of your brakes and shifting to see if further adjustments, cables, housing, or brake pad replacements are necessary.

Express Wash & Lube - $50

We start with a detailed bike wash and drivetrain degreasing. Every bolt is then properly torqued. We lube your chain, derailleurs, brakes and you're all set to go.  

Pre-Race Check - $30

Let us run trough the gears, evaluate the brake function, and check for any mechanical concerns before you had to the race that you've put so much time, effort, and money into……. and you haven't even gotten to the race yet!  There is nothing worse than a mechanical failure on race day due to small problem that could have potentially been avoided by having a quick Pre-Race Check, providing you with greater level of security and confidence with the function of your bike as you get ready for your very big day!

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