From Scratch Build - $300

A bare frame and a bunch of parts. That’s where we start for a “from scratch” build.  Allen has built thousands of bikes in this manner. That’s how many OEM bike manufacturers and pro team sponsors send out their frames and components. Building this way assures that every bolt is greased and torqued properly by the mechanic assembling the new bike. Every detail is checked and rechecked during this assembly!

Frame Swap - $200

You have a new frameset and you want your existing bike's part to be moved over onto a new steed!  Everyone likes to get the latest and greatest the cycling industry has to offer.  Let us help you move your existing parts over to the new frame.  Sometime parts don't match up just right from old -to- new, so let us help figure out all the compatibility details and get you rolling on the new ride!

Box Build - $75 and up

New bikes that are partially pre-built to differing levels of completion and sent to you either by the bicycle manufacturer or through an on-line retailer will be unpacked and completed to the manufacturers exact specifications. If you prefer, we can disassemble the bike entirely and perform a “from scratch” build ($300). Either way, your bike will shift and brake smoothly. All bearings will be properly adjusted. We’ll true your wheels and give your bike a thorough going-over.

*** Bikes that have been purchased 2nd hand (Craig's List / eBay) and bikes returning from competition may require more service than our standard "Box Build" rate.  These bikes are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and start at a $75 re-assembly fee.

Fork Installation - $40

Installing a fork has become increasingly complicated. Different headsets, varied bearing sizes, carbon or alloy tapers have turned the simple act of mating a fork to a frame into a bit of a tricky situation. We can help you in knowing which headset is correct and install it into your bike frame correctly.

Steer Tube Cutting - $30

Carbon, Steel, & Aluminum - we can cut things down to size once you've gotten a proper bike fit and know exactly where you'd like us to cut those few precious grams off your total bike weight.

Align Derailleur Hanger - $20

Your derailleur limit screws are perfectly adjusted. Your cables are new and their tension is perfection. But for some reason your shifting is still off. Well, sometimes the cause is a slightly twisted or bent derailleur hanger. Even new hangers often require some additional love and adjustment. Its like giving your bike a nice chiropractic adjustment.

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