Install tire & tube - $6 per wheel

Installing a tire and tube is something every triathlete and cyclist should know how to do. If you are in a hurry or just don't want to get your hands dirty feel free to let us do the install the next time you need new tires or tubes.

Wheel Build - $85 per wheel

Do you have a dream wheel set you'd like to create?  Allow us to help you come up with your own 1-off custom wheel set that allows your bike to be a truly 'custom' creation all the way down to the wheels you ride. Custom wheel building is part art, part science and all about experience.  We have the skills to get it done!


Overhauling a cup and cone/ball bearing hub will keep it rolling smoothly for years. In the case of sealed cartridge bearings, we can pull seals, inspect bearingwear and replace as necessary.  We can keep your bike rolling as smooth as silk!


Keeping hubs in adjustment prevents unnecessary wear on your hubs. We check them in every tune up. But if you notice your hubs are loose or tight, stop by for an adjustment before you do any damage.

INstall spoke - $20-30

It’s rare, but spokes do break. When they do, give us a call.  We will work quickly to find the right replacement spoke for the make and model of your wheel so you can get back to riding!

Wheel True - $15-$30

If your wheel has taken a big hit or just need a little tightening up to get it back in line, we can help.  Stop by and let us take a look so we can straighten things back to the way they once were.

install tubeless tires w/sealant - $50

Let us seal up your tubeless mountain bike tires for you. It can be a bit tricky and the mess deters many from attempting this type of installation. The price includes labor and sealant.  Let us do all the work!

Glue tubular tire - $30 per tire

We've glued hundreds of tubular tires.  If you have a new set of tubulars or if you just need to put new tires on your used set, we can get the job done and to your specifications.  Whether its a set of wheels for triathlons, criterium racing, or cyclocross - we can apply the right amounts of glue layering and the specific type of glue required for your carbon or alloy rim and for the type of event you are competing in.

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