We are a full service bike shop.  Here are a few examples of our services and prices.

install derailleur - $40

There’s more to installing a derailleur than simply bolting it on. We check your derailleur hanger, double check limit screws, run your cable and check your chain whenever we install a derailleur. Smooth shifting can take some work.  If you are running an electronic shifting platform like Di2, eTap, or EPS, we have you covered there too!

INSTALL DERAILLEUR cable & housing - $50

New cables and housing are a good idea every year, more frequently if you race cyclocross, mountain bikes or crush dirt roads often. They’ll keep you riding happily instead of frustrated with missed or skipped shifts. We install Shimano, SRAM, Campy, or Jagwire cables per your request.  We can also service your electronic shifting equipment needs as well.

DERAILLEUR Adjust - $20

It could be as little as turning an adjustment barrel, realigning the front derailleur, or it might be a combination of resetting limit screws and resetting the shifter cable tension at the pinch bolt.  We will get your shifting dialed in..... even if you have the fancy electronic shifting stuff!

install fork - $40

Mountain fork or road - we have you covered.  From cutting the fork to length, installing the proper amount of headset spacers, attaching the stem.... to adjusting the headset compression and steering alignment - oh, and installing your front break is a good idea too!  We can get it done.

Cut steer tube - $30

Pretty basic stuff but have you ever heard "measure twice (or more), cut once"?  We live by this and make sure your fork is cut precisely to fit your bike and your bike fit needs.

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